For Sale: Pomeranian/Poodle Puppy (cross posted)

First off, I would like to begin by stating that I will never give this dog up for adoption. I am well aware of the thousands of dogs that end up in shelters and I will not let this one end up there. I adopted my older dog from a shelter, so please, no hate posts.

I purchased this puppy a few weeks ago in order for my older dog to have a playmate. In the beginning I had high hopes of them getting along, but I have come to realize that it just won't work out with both of them.

Here is some info:

Price - $300 or best offer (includes crate, one bag of food, leash, collar, soft bed, two metal bowls, and a toy if you do not have one)


Gender - Male
Breed - Pomeranian and Poodle
DOB - 1/26/08
Microchipped - Yes
Vaccinations - Up to date. Only one puppy shot left.
Altered - No
Location - Orange Park, FL

Please let me know if you are interested or want additional info. I have included additional pictures and video under the cut.

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Engaged? Going to be?

Hello. I am a writer. I have been writing ever since I was 10 and have been published in different newspapers. I plan on writing non-fiction books about different issues going on in the world today.

CURRENT BOOK: The Next Step, Engaged

I am writing a book about young people getting engaged. I am looking for women and men ages 14-30 who are engaged, getting engaged or have been engaged before. I have noticed a trend in relationships where a lot of college students are getting engaged, as the next step in their relationship. I want to explore more about it and share other people stories with the world. If you would like to be a part of it please message me, add a comment, or read the blogs and write a comment.

I am looking for serious people who are willing to let me into their lives an be open with me about their relationships and upbringing and themselves. Thanks so much in advance for you help.

If you know anyone who is engaged please point them to my myspace account, where I am trying to get more information. Thanks!

Yard Sale

We're doing a big crap sale in Riverside this Saturday.  Stuff from local artists and handmade goods, plus a lot of crap people just want to get rid of.  Starts at 8am on the sidewalk in front of Bogda.  There will be free coffee provided by the nice people at Bogda.  Set-up starts at about 8am-ish and goes until everyone packs up.  The address of Bogda is 1253 McDuff Avenue South, 32205.  It's just down from Lee High School between Sydney and Olga.

Anyone is welcome to set up and sell stuff, for more information contact Bogda @ (904) 387-0852 or

Support your local artists.

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I have a question about the Jacksonville Police. Now to not go into too much of the details I would like to talk to someone and complain about how one of their officers handled a situation. I looked online but I cant seem to find anywhere where I could send an e-mail to the Chief of police or call him. I would not like to call him only because an e-mail would let me fully explain the situation. If anyone out there knows how I can get in contact with the Jacksonville Police to make a complaint please tell me. I dont want to call making them things it's an emergency...just wanna complain about something. Now I have nothing against the police but the things that were done in this case shouldn't have been handled the ways there were. Thanks for you time!  

UF Student Tasered

Check out these videos. The first ones is the best but there are more angels and some after shots and such all. The thing that pisses me off the all of the comments from the videos at the site. Okay here enjoy and comment if you want.

Okay that is all!

Lets have some fun!

Come and see one of the coolest shows around Jacksonville, FL! There is so much fun to be had! Go-Go's, Drag Kings and Queens, $10 All you can drink beer, and a Talent Contest in which You're Truly Will be Preforming! Come and support everyone in this wonderful show!